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Day Of Coordination 

because you just can't do it 



Day-of Coordination 

We're here to tackle all the details and logistics so that you can truly ENJOY your day!  The worst thing we can see on a wedding day is a mom/friend/family member stressing over details instead of being present in the moment.  This plan is designed for us to take over the stress of your wedding day and allow you to sit back and relax.  Our Hollow to Hem team will coordinate all of your vendors, tackle any issues that arise & let you make memories!

Do you recommend vendors?

Yes!  We have an ever-growing listed of trusted & true vendors to recommend.  Even ones to match your price point, overall vibe & personality!

Can you build me a timeline?

Down to the minute.  

Do you only come to the reception?

And miss you walking down the aisle?!  No way!  We're there for prep, ceremony, reception & that big, grand your whole day covered!  

So you just show up on wedding day?

I mean we're good, but not that good!  We step in about 60 days prior to your event day, but share/gain all kinds of information from you before that!  Our leads will be able to hit the ground running and zip up all the loose ends while putting your mind at ease.

Oh - and before those 60 days start? 

We're only an email away to help!

Do I really need a coordinator?

YES.  You've invested time, money & energy into one of the biggest days of your life.  An investment in peace of mind sure beats hoping your Aunt Sue or your friend from college can bring your wedding day to life!

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